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The Wild Honey

Chitral Wild Honey is a local honey brand, we have a group’s local collectors and beekeepers in Chitral who are supplying us with the wild honey collecting from the forest and mountain of Chitral. Chitral Wild Honey is engaged in promoting, organizing, and marketing wild honey from this region.

Chitral Wild Honey (CWH) is a social entrepreneur program that helps local communities, beekeepers, and honey collectors to market their Honey and generate sustainable eco-friendly livelihoods and provide employment for the mountain-dependent communities to reduce pressure on the natural forest and mountain ecosystem in Chitral.

We have limited Production (1000 kg annually) and it’s special and organic in nature. We have 550 small marginalized beekeepers/honey harvesters who directly depend on mountains and forests for their livelihoods and other needs are being organized into networks in different villages in Chitral.

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