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1. Harvesting/Collecting from forests!

Chitral Wild honey is sourced from the mountains of Chitral, Produced by Eastern Honey bee species (Apis Cerana) in fixed hives in tree trunks and rock caves, which is harvested/collected by the local people by using traditional and eco-friendly way. There are traditional rules that about 20% of honey is left in the hives for the bees and the local people still practicing this indigenous rule.

2. Raw Honey Process

As the wild honey is sourced by the locals of Chitral using natural techniques and methods to retain its natural properties and remarkable health benefits, the harvested/collected honey is further process manually without any extractors or machines.

3. Pre Bottling Process

Locally Collected wild honey is pre-bottled through the hygienic process and shifted to the main processing unit Chitral established by Chitral Wild Honey with high intensive care for further process.

4. Chitral Wild Honey Packaging

Pre-bottled packages further examined to quality control and in the final stage transferred to the Bottling Unit for final packaging without any preservatives. After this process, a bottle is ready for YOU.

5. Pay back to Nature

This social entrepreneur initiative strongly believed in pay for ecosystem service and when a single jar of honey is sold, 2% of the amount goes for forest restoration and biodiversity conservation in Chitral which can be used in the conservation of bee flora, engaging local for forest conservation and tree planting in the degraded and deforested forest sites. This initiative is also in line with Pakistan’s flagship project – the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program & Billion Tree Honey initiative and also contributes to the sustainable development Goals.

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