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The Impact

In Our Region, the poor and marginalized People live near rich natural resources, including precious dry temperate forests and mountain ecosystems. In Chitral Beekeeping with traditional rearing of local honey bee species offers a wonderful opportunity for the forest-dependent communities to create rural livelihoods, protecting and maintaining the valuable forest resources and biodiversity in the area.

In Chitral Wild Honey We train and equip beekeepers and honey harvesters with the skills and knowledge needed to collect honey from the forest in an eco-friendly way and keep honey bees.  We have established Honey Bee Collectors Network in many areas in Chitral, where the local honey collectors and beekeepers sell their honey, and Chitral Wild Honey purchases honey from their doorsteps to generate some much-needed cash to uplift the household’s income.

Chitral Wild Honey (CWH) is a social entrepreneurship initiative that strongly believed in “payback to nature” and when a single jar of honey is sold, 2% of the amount goes for forest restoration and biodiversity conservation in Chitral which can be used in the conservation of bee flora, engaging local for forest conservation and tree planting in the degraded and deforested forest sites. This initiative is also in line with Pakistan’s flagship project – the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program & Billion Tree Honey initiative and also contributes to the sustainable development goals.

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