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Let's explain the process!

Mountain communities of the Hindu Kush Region Chitral, Pakistan have a rich tradition of beekeeping and honey hunting with indigenous honeybee Apis cerana and every year reasonable quantity of pure organic honey is collected from the forest of chitral by the local collectors ethnically.

Harvesting/ Collecting from forests!

Chitral Wild honey is sourced from the mountains of Chitral, Produced by Eastern Honey bee species (Apis Cerana) in fixed hives in tree trunks and rock caves, which is harvested/collected by the local people by using traditional and eco- friendly way. There is a traditional rules that about 20% honey is left in the hives for the bees and the local people still practicing this indigenous rule.
raw form

Raw Honey Process

As the wild honey is sourced by the locals of Chitral using natural techniques and methods to retain its natural properties and remarkable health benefits, the harvested/collected honey is further process manually without any extractors or machines.

Pre Botteling Process

Locally Collected wild honey is pre-bottled through the hygienic process and shifted to the main processing unit Chitral established by Chitral Wild Honey with high intensive care for further process.

Chitral Wild Honey Packaging

Pre-bottled packages further examined to quality control and in the final stage transferred to the Bottling Unit for final packaging without any preservatives. After this process, a bottle is ready for YOU.

The Purity from Mountains

Chitral is known to be the land of natural treasures for the centuries, the local people in Hindukush region to used wild honey to cure their pains, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Chitral wild honey brings the proven medicinal honey to the world. Enjoy the potent and mystical delicacy of raw, exotic and tonic honey to promote your good health and well-being in an ancient and natural way.

Some Fun Facts

Nestled between the Hindukush and Hindu Raj mountains, the Chitral provides ideal growing conditions for at least 64 endemic plant species. Chitral’s flora is similar to the Central Asia, and comprises moist alpine pastures, subalpine birch, moist deciduous alpine scrub, dry temperate coniferous scrub and dry oak scrub forest types. The nectar of the wild mountains bee flora that are rare, unique and medicinal and the wild honey collected from this region is 100% raw, pure and organic.

Chitral Wild Honey

Chitral Wild Honey is working to promote wild honey from this isolated region Chitral, Pakistan in partnership with Forest department and more than 550 local collectors and beekeepers in Chitral. Chitral Wild Honey is engaged in promoting, organizing, and marketing of wild honey from this region. Chitral Wild Honey (CWH) is a social entrepreneur program that help local communities, beekeepers and honey collectors to market their Honey and generate income to alleviate poverty, and provide employment for the mountain dependent communities to reduce pressure on the natural forest and mountain ecosystem in Chitral.
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